Dinner in Kefalos

On vacation in Kefalos on the island of Kos, there was always a struggle to decide where to eat and what to eat. One evening, I was sitting in Maria’s Bar, listening to the usual conversations. I used the time to write te following, which some might consider to be poetry. I know that my attempts at poetry are pathetic, but it amused me at the time and I hope that it manages to raise a few chuckles amongst my blog followers.


Dinner in Kefalos

Wherever we go, there’s always a groan.

Then there’s a moan,

Followed by yet another groan.

Has the spinach pie got cheese in it?

Cheese in the spinach pie?



I won’t like that then.

Do the prwns in the prawn cocktail need peeling?

Yes. They are very fresh.

Oh! I won’t like that then.

How about trying our pasta?

I’ve had carbonara the last two nights,

So I don’t want that!

How about spaghetti?



It wasn’t much good last night.

But that was in a different restaurant.

Try it here.

No! I won’t like that!

Groan, Moan. Groan.

I might like English steak, but….

… it’s got an egg on top.

Well, order it without the egg.

No! I wouldn’t like that!

Perhaps I’ll have cheese pie for starters.


That’s like spinach pie without the spinach!

Yeah! I’ll have that!

Then I’ll have English steak without the egg.

May I have English steak without the egg,

But with extra mushrooms and onions?


Great! I’m going to have spinach pie followed by sea bream.

That’s decided then.

Just promis not to moan or groan.

Our dinners were served.

Mine was excellent.

How was yours?

There was too much cheese in the cheese pie,

And he never asked me how I wanted my steak cooked.

Was it cooked well?

Yes. It was well done, but that’s not the point!

Moan. Groan. Moan.

And I’m not sure that there were extra mushrooms!

Moan. Groan. Moan.

Mine was delicious.

Especially as it was washed down with half a carafe of house red.

No moan, groan, moan from me!

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1 Response to Dinner in Kefalos

  1. Osyth says:

    I loved that … it made me smile broadly. So many memories of Brits abroad. fortunately we aren’t all like that 😉


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