Book Review: The Accidental Detective by Michael RN Jones

The Accidental Detective (Victor Locke Chronicles Book 1)The Accidental Detective by Michael R.N. Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everything about this story is ridiculously unbelievable, and that is what makes it so comical and readable. The characters could never exist in real life, especially Victor Locke. [The following is not a spoiler as it all comes out in the first few pages] He is a convicted, jobless criminal, with mental issues, who is smarter than the British constabulary, MI6 and the FBI. None of the storylines are at all credible. As I said, the whole story is ridiculously unbelievable.

The author is clearly taking the mickey out of so many detective stories. There are obvious parallels to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, and it is no coincidence that the good doctor in this book is named Doyle. However, I would draw comparisons to Tom Holt and Christopher Moore, both of whom I admire greatly.

Finally, I extracted this excerpt, with which I fully agree. I have often told my wife that I believe that Poirot and Marple are serial killers!

“… Ever since we started dicking around with all this shit, it’s got worse. There was never this type of crime round here before we started taking an interest. It’s like Missus flaming Marple. As soon as she shuffles up, you better run like fuck because as sure as hell some poor sod gets his head stoved in with a handy piece of lead piping. It’s gotta be her doing all the murders. I’m not too sure about that fucking Poirot either. The little French twat. If we do nothing, perhaps it will just stop. Go back to being how it was. Car theft, the odd bag of weed and the occasional drunken punch up.”
“And that’s just you,” I remarked.
“Ha, nice one,” chirped Locke.
“By the way, Poirot’s Belgian.”
“Yeah, I know. He manages to mention that in every episode.”

You should read this book. It is hilarious.

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