Scotch Pies


Do we miss anything that we can find in abundance?

Do we take something for granted if it is readily available?

The answer to both of those questions is usually, “No.”

Of course, the converse is true. If we can’t get our hands on that familiar object, we long for it.

So it has been with me and Scotch pies. I have never really missed them. When I was a boy, I my Saturday evening supper often consisted two Scotch pies, a tin of baked beans in tomato sauce and a pile of chips. This culinary delight was further improved by a liberal splash of HP sauce. For those readers who are unfamiliar with this particular relish, it is Houses of Parliament brown, fruity sauce. Delicious!

scotch pie beans chipsYou can imagine my delight when I saw, in the Aldi weekly special buys magazine, that Scotch pies would be available. I immediately set off to buy several packs of the much-desired pies.

I searched the shop without any joy. I asked the manager and was told, “They’ll probably be in next week.” They weren’t. I wrote to Aldi Customer Services and was told that they would be appearing in the Andover store very soon. I kept checking. No Scotch pies appeared. I wrote to Aldi Customer Services again and received a response telling me, “Having looked into this further I can confirm these are not available in your region. Please accept our apologies for the mis-communication and for any disappointment caused.”

I am devastated! It seems that Scotch pies are unavailable in England, unless anyone can tell me otherwise.

You ought to know that I also miss many the delights of Scottish fish and chip shops, especially mealy pudd’n supper and haggis supper.

Can anybody help?


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4 Responses to Scotch Pies

  1. Good post, but I would disagree somewhat on the second point. I think we do tend to take some things for granted when they are readily available. Often, at least for myself, we get upset out of proportion when the readily available item is no longer there.


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