Book Review: Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

Dark MatterDark Matter by Michelle Paver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure that I would like this book as I read the first ten pages, but it gradually drew me in until I knew that I could not escape!

The opening is a letter to a journalist from Algernon Carlisle, a survivor of the ill-fated 1937 expedition to the deep Arctic Circle, which denies the existence of Jack Miller’s journal. He admits that Jack wrote a journal during those continuously dark days in the far north, but, although it would probably explain a lot, he knows not what happened to it and requests that the journalist backs off.

Almost the whole of the rest of the book is a transcription of Jack’s mysterious journal.

All the way through, I was wondering if Jack also survived, or if his journal was found next to his lonely, dead body, or of numerous other possibilities. Did Algernon have the journal, and have good reason to hide it? After all, he was now an aspiring post-war politician.

When I was a child at boarding school, we used to try to terrify our friends with our imaginative ghost stories. I therefore regard myself as a bit of an expert in the potency of such stories. Let me tell you that this rates as a powerful ghost story.

It also brings out the beauty and dangers of the cold and hostile frozen north.

I really loved this book, and it was nicely capped off with the author’s notes at the end.

Highly recommended.

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4 Responses to Book Review: Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

  1. I ca never forget late nights in dorms with torches and the frankly unbelievably gruesome scares we used to give each other. And as every child who went to private school knows.. there’s not a nook or cranny that doesn’t have a ghost story associated with it. Adding this to my reading list x

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  3. I was a fan of Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness when I was younger. I recently re-read the first book and, although I’m a bit too old to really enjoy them, I did like re-reading it and thought how good Paver is (check out my review here )

    After reading your post I think I’ll be buying Dark Matter on my next trip to the bookshop!

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    • Although they are not ghost stories, you may enjoy my novels which are in the inspirational fiction category. Please do take a look via links in the tabs at the top of my blog. If they appeal to you and you decide to read them, I would be very interested in your feedback.

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