How To Survive Your Writing Friend Quitting Writing #SundayBlogShare #Writers

There is so much to reflect upon in this article. It is very well written, and there is much that resonates with me from my own experiences.

One point that we should all hold close to our hearts, is that the quitting, writing friend will be back. It may take a while, but be patient because their return is a certainty. Do not grieve or despair. Your writing friend will come back to you!


Writer friends are special human beings. Let’s all take a moment to think about writer friends.

Writer friends understand your creative side, share your writing passion and know all about the emotional turmoil that goes hand in hand with writing a book. You share work regardless of quality / state, give each other feedback and are happy to talk writing for HOURS.

This shared understanding forges a deep bond between you both, especially if you have felt misunderstood by non-writers for years. Suddenly you have someone who gets the creative side of you! This is powerful friendship stuff.

So when your beloved writing friend decides that writing is not for them anymore it can be pretty painful for both of you. Your creative sidekick is no longer there, as they are busy finding some other life path to follow and you are left clutching your notepad and pen feeling a little…

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