Film Review: Mary Queen of Scots

mary queen of scotsThis is a very good film but it is not a great film.

Perhaps I am being unfair, as it is only natural that I make some comparison with the film that I saw last week, The Favourite, which is definitely a great film.

It is an historical fiction with no real surprises. It is gory. It is well acted. The make-up and costumes are excellent.

Most of us know the history of Queen Elizabeth I and her cousin, Queen Mary. Mary was surrounded by people whom she could not trust. Had she been ruthless with those who crossed her, using the strength of those who were loyal to her, history may have had a very different outcome.

I do think it is a film that is worth seeing and I recommend it.

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2 Responses to Film Review: Mary Queen of Scots

  1. A few people have said the Favourite is a much better film than this one.

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