Roots to Cosmos

In the centre of the coppice on top of the hill, I sit, alone, on the damp grass. As the light of dawn had filled the sky, making the stars disappear, the rain had died to a soft, silken drizzle. My damp clothes are draped over the branches of a nearby tree. I have no fear of being disturbed. For almost ten years, I have been coming here to find peace and commune with the universe. Nobody comes here at this time on a Sunday morning.

I close my eyes.

My roots descend into the earth beneath me. They explore widely and deeply, seeking the power which will rise within me like the sap rising in the trees that surround me.

The spinning sphere grows within my core. Today, I feel different colours and sounds. The most usual colours in my sphere are predominantly light turquoise with bright flashes of pale yellow and gold. Often, the main colour is purple with the flashes are red and orange. The sounds resemble the resounding dongs of bass tubular bells with the background notes of cellos and bassoons.

For the first time, in my experience, my rotating sphere is a deep navy blue with streaks of white and silver. It feels very strong as it throbs inside my tummy. The sounds are similar to wind chimes.

My skin is slick with a film that has been formed by the drizzle.

It is March. I should be shivering with cold but the heat emanating from my core is reaching every point on my surface. I am glistening and glowing.

Broad ribbons of energy rise through me, entering through my root, whirling around in the growing turmoil in my core and then rising through my shoulders, arms and head to emerge into space.

The time has come.

You, my eternal friend, enter my thoughts. I know when you need me to send this energy in in your direction. I focus upon you. I can feel the connection. A ship’s hawser joins us. The energy flows into you through your own root, building much-needed strength within your core before flowing to your pain points. It seems that you need relief in your ankles and wrists and in your head and neck. You have been feeling weak. Now you feel the energy and strength and happiness that universal energy brings.

Do not think that this is my energy. It is not. I am just the conduit for the energy that you desire. It is my privilege to focus it in your direction and I am gaining huge benefits as it flows through me, and through you, and back into the universe. It loops around to come back through the earth below me in the coppice on top of the hill.

About Lance Greenfield

Blog: email: I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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2 Responses to Roots to Cosmos

  1. Eric Léon says:

    Dear Lance,
    I came to this piece by chance as I was idly scanning through my emails on a sunday evening, The combination of the two words Roots and Cosmos caught my interest and so I started to read. Your writing here is focused and inspired, in a somewhat mysterious yet serious tone. The topic turns into something quite unexpected, but steers clear of the esoterical or plain cranky. Plenty of questions unanswered – as it should be ! – for instance : who is this eternal friend ? and why ‘eternal’ ?
    I encourage you to develop this vein. Is there a book here waiting to unfold ?

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    • Hi Eric. You may be correct to comment that there is probably a book to be written by me around the central topics of universal energy and the interconnectedness of everything. You are definitely correct to identify that I deliberately left a lot open to the imagination of the reader of this article. I intended it to contain an element of mystery. As for the answers to your questions about my eternal friend, I would say that the friend is the reader to whom the narrative connects, and that eternal applies because the connectedness works across both time an space. My eternal friend and I have been connected for a thousand years and much, much more. When we first met, we were in different forms and we may have been millions of light years from our present location on the surface of planet Earth.


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