Review: The Magic Mountain

Having just read the 216th comment on my original [2009] review on Goodreads, I felt the urge to re-blog.

When I posted my review, I never expected that it would lead to such a protracted and, often, very passionate, discussion.

It has kept me entertained and amused for several years.

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The Magic Mountain
The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

At the risk of being labelled a Philistine, I declare that this book is one of the most insufferably boring tomes that has ever made it onto my bedside table. I admit that I only struggled my way through the first 170 pages, but that was enough to convince me that I should not waste any more minutes of my precious life wading through any more of this drivel.

I know, I have also been chastised for criticising modern art in the same way. Tracey Emin’s “Unmade Bed” and Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain” will just have to live in the pile of junk that I fail to understand.

I realise that I am in the minority, as most reviewers and professors of literature believe this to be a masterpiece, and probably the best book to come out…

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  1. To each their own! I think it’s completely fair that sometimes a book just doesn’t work for you the way you want it to. I have a few books in my bookshelf that are meant to be “literary greats” but just don’t speak to me the way it does to others

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