Your company’s untapped growth lever? IT.

2019-04_PRO_Staff_Biztech_HeroIn this article. Stephen Franchetti, Slack’s VP of Business Technology, speaks to us about using IT to drive business growth. This quote from his introduction, hits the nail on the head.

“With a focus on business strategy, architecture and interoperability, IT can shift its focus away from cutting costs to actually driving growth for your business.”

I like his emphasis on keeping it simple and the idea that delivering a project to its go live date is not the end of the story. My thoughts are that we should always be striving to reach the horizon. Thin about this. You never actually reach the horizon, so your journey is continuous. We should also always be striving for perfection.

This is a good read. I commend it to you.

Original article: Your company’s untapped growth lever? IT.

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