Book Review – Shadows Of The Past: Foreshadowing by Maggie Cobbett

Shadows Of The Past: ForeshadowingShadows Of The Past: Foreshadowing by Maggie Cobbett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the wash, the background, going on to the paper on which Shadows Of The Past will take shape. Foreshadowing is the prequel to that book. It sets up the three main characters, Kate, Ronnie and Daisy, as they finish school and plan their fateful trip to France where they are destined to disappear. There is already a lot of interaction between the girls, and a fair bit of friction.

Foreshadowing is not much more than a good introduction and a teaser, tempting the reader into finding out what happens to them when they get to the village of Saint-André-la Forêt, near Paris. They disappeared, without trace, in 1965. Many years later a skeleton is discovered by a traveller in a nearby forest. The investigation opens up a Pandora’s box of secrets that some villagers would prefer not to expose.

Foreshadowing gives a taste of Maggie Cobbett’s writing style, which I like. The dialogue makes the story come to life. There is also a smattering of humour. I began to know the girls and their teachers.

This is based upon a true story. I am looking forward to delving into the dark secrets that promise to be revealed in the main book and where those will lead.

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