Book Review: Recognitions by Daniela I Norris

RecognitionsRecognitions by Daniela I. Norris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here we have three intertwined stories. The paths through time and space are interconnected.

Daily, we tread the here-and-now road. We can make decisions as to how we interact with the road and with everything and everybody else on that road. Occasionally, other roads intersect our own. We can observe those who travel down those roads, and connect with them, but we have little influence on their direction. But could they influence our own direction?

Amelia is an American editor, working in Manhattan. As she struggles to cope with bringing up her two children following the breakup of her marriage, she resorts to trying hypnotherapy. This leads her to connections with Adele, an eighteen year-old living in pre-revolution, south-eastern France, and a shaman living in an African riverside village which is in danger from Portuguese slave-traders.

Her life is further complicated by a chance meeting with an old school classmate from her own teen years in San Francisco: a fourth strand to the story.

As the book concludes, Amelia comes close to bringing the four strands together and providing a semblance of clarity. There is still a long way to go and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the second book in the trilogy, Premonitions, which was published in June 2019.

Note: This book means a lot to me. It was the last book that my Dad ‘read’ before he departed from this life. In fact, it was read to him by myself, my sister and my step-mum. Reading the whole book to fill in the chapters that I’d missed as I read to him, made me feel whole. Furthermore, he was with me all the time that I was reading Recognitions.

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