Book Review – The Way: A Girl Who Dared to Rise by Kristen Wolf

The Way: A Girl Who Dared to RiseThe Way: A Girl Who Dared to Rise by Kristen Wolf

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a superb book with which to end my reading decade!

My father, and eminent statistician, was once asked, following a talk in which he revealed some very surprising and shocking facts on a topic of the day, if what he had said “was gospel.”
His response was, “No. It was the truth.”

The Way is an alternative version of the gospel stories as they appear in the first four books of the New Testament of The Bible. I believe that there are many other versions.

All religious scriptures, The Bible, The Qoran and many others, were scribed by men. Many of those books were written in order to gain political power. Some were written from the heart, head and spirit of the authors. Who is to say which parts of any of those great books are the truth?

“After all, if you are forever referencing the same text, because someone tells you to, you shrink your spiritual experience of the world. Your senses are deadened to the bounty around them. Imposed or mindless reiteration, by its very nature, numbs the spirit and closes your heart to the world around you. And, unfortunately, when people are told what it is that they see, they can be easily misled.”

Until I read The Way, my favourite alternative gospel was Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. These two, although very different in many ways, are now my joint favourites.

Lamb is very clever comedy and I loved it.

The Way is powerful and provocative. Like much historical fiction, perhaps it is closer to the true version of events of two thousand years ago than the accounts that millions prefer to believe. I dare not say.

I recommend this to everyone, although I would warn those who are entrenched in their own religious beliefs that it may offend them. It should be read with an open mind and marvelled at for its skilful writing. I can’t wait to read more from Kristen Wolf.

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