Marriage Unarranged #booktour #ritubhathal

Ritu and Geoff are lovely friends of mine, whom I met through the Annual Bloggers’ Bash Awards. This looks like a great book from Ritu and I love the qurstions and answers in Geoff’s probing interview at the end of the article.

Take a few minutes to read the article. Maybe you’ll follow their blogs and purchase a copy of Ritu’s ‘Marriage Unarranged.”


I have known Ritu Bhathal, yes this lovely lady

pretty much since we started blogging. In that time she had blogged her heart out. Her prolific output, her range of subjects, her dedication to improving the craft all stand out. But she is almost always the first one to read and comment on any new post I launch into the ether and her approach has been universally supportive, as you would expect of someone who values her Bloggily.

A while back she took what she considered to be a brave step with a book of poetry but she need not have fretted. It was an excellent read, a proper dipper-inner. At the time she talked about the book, that project that had been on the slowest of slow burns. Would it ever come to be?

Yes, it would! It’s here in

Marriage Unarranged

I was privileged to be a beta…

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1 Response to Marriage Unarranged #booktour #ritubhathal

  1. willowdot21 says:

    It’s a great book Lance, I have read it and loved it. I was part day two of the blog tour. Anyway thanks for spreading the word 💜


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