New Ocado Bonus Scheme for Drivers

Vale of PewseyOcado are introducing a very innovative new bonus scheme for their drivers which will add a huge fun factor to their deliveries. The top UK online supermarket believe that it is important that their front line employees enjoy their work as much as possible.

Director of Staff Motivation, Avril Josher, said that the intentions of the scheme are to show appreciation for the Customer Service Team Members (delivery drivers) and to introduce and extra element of interest to their routes.

Conway House“The idea is to award a small reward for every house visited with a name that appears on the list of most common house names. The routes are defined by sophisticated scheduling software and the number of bonus names on any driver’s route on a particular day is pure chance. They won’t know how many they have until they print off their route at the beginning of their shifts.”

A bounty of fifty pence will be awarded every time a driver delivers to any of the following addresses:

Manor Farm The Bungalow Conway House Yew Tree Cottage
Fairview Springfield Ivy Cottage The Laurels
The Old Post Office The Barn Church Farm The Lodge
Hillside The Old School House The Rectory The Croft
Orchard House The Willows Mill House Woodlands
The Haven The Old Forge Greenacres The Gables

Miss Josher told us that the scheme would be run, as a trial, for the whole month of April, starting today (01/04/20).

When asked about her thoughts on the scheme, driver Donna Lapporte, was very enthusiastic. “It will definitely make our rounds more exciting and, as I deliver to at least four of the names on this list on a daily basis, it is going to add more than ten pounds per week to my pay packet.”

Said Touja Dorra, “If I see ‘Church Farm’ as my next drop, I’ll immediately be thinking ‘KER-CHING! FIFTY PENCE MORE!’ This is a great scheme. I love my job at Ocado. We have fun.”


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3 Responses to New Ocado Bonus Scheme for Drivers

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Novel , but can’t get a delivery for love nor money, even though existing customers perhaps we should rename the house ? 😀

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