Book Review: Vital Organs by Jo Harthan

Vital OrgansVital Organs by Jo Harthan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What makes good fiction for me, is that it is believable. This story is very credible.

From the start, it kicks off at a good pace and that tempo is maintained right up to the end. I liked that the main character in the book were well developed early on and continued to be developed throughout. That they all had deep flaws added to my enjoyment.

The climax of the story is very good and contains a lot of tension.

Having the narrative switch from one character to another and from first person to third person added variety and kept it all very much alive.

I loved that one of the main character’s remedy for everything, including murder of a close one, was “a nice, hot cup of tea.” I know people like that!

I would highly recommend this book to all my friends.
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2 Responses to Book Review: Vital Organs by Jo Harthan

  1. Katinka klara Lane says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this little gem.
    I haven’t been this engaged with a story in a very long time.
    It is built on a highly sensitive topic but somehow the author manages to avoid the expected goriness and cleverly maintains an air of humour throughout.
    I loved how Jo Harthan flits between her characters & what great characters they are – each one of them!
    A great read displaying much knowledge & insight whilst playfully laced with some more curious moments.
    I would highly recommend Vital Organs to all.

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    • Thanks for your comments which are very much in line with my own thoughts and go even further. You are right that this is a very sensitive subject and that Jo handles it so well. And we should mention that it could hardly be more topical.


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