Garden of Reflection

John Buckley

Major John Buckley RE

My good friend and fellow Sapper, John Buckley, has set himself a tough challenge to raise funds to create a garden of peaceful space in Swinton Barracks, Tidworth, the home of 22 and 26 Engineer Regiments. By the end of May, he will have run 496 km in the month for his worthy cause.

I am very proud of him.

Here, in his own words, is the story behind his challenge.

I’ve always said charity should begin at home, this includes my second home being Swinton Barracks, Perham Down.

Having been stationed on this camp for over 15 years on and off, I thought it only right to give something back to the men and women who serve here. Home to 22 & 26 Engr Regt and soon to be 1 & 15 Signals Regts, my aim is to provide officer’s & soldier’s alike the opportunity to retreat to an area of camp to reflect and have some ‘me time’, especially for those that live within the barracks.

We all have moments where we need time out and reflect and creating a small garden within the barracks will allow this. It will also allow individuals the opportunity to assist in creating this garden having a sense of achievement and contribution.

My challenge is to run everyday in May. Each day represents the date, therefore day 1 is 1km, day 2 is 2km and so on, finishing with 31km on day 31. If my maths are right that will be a staggering 496km for the month(308 miles).

All I ask is my family, friends and colleagues support this worthy cause by donating just £4.96 each. My target is £2000 but the more I achieve the better the garden.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE click on this link to his fundraiser and consider making a generous donation.

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