Book Review: Hunter’s Chase by Val Penny

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Hunter's Chase (Edinburgh Crime Mysteries, #1)Hunter’s Chase by Val Penny
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As you’d expect from the first book in a crime series, there is plenty of character development. I must have met about twenty characters in the first four chapters and my head was spinning. I was tempted to start drawing a character map to keep track. Perhaps that’s exactly what the author did.

The opening scenes describe the discovery of the first body. There will be more! It is found as a young burglar trips over the half-buried corpse as he is pursued through the woods on the edge of an Edinburgh golf course by the victim of his robbery who just happens to be the retired chief of the city’s police force. You can see, already, that this is adding up to be a thriller with plenty of conflicts. And so it proves.

Although this sounds like a contradiction, as more complexity, especially in the relationships between the characters, is introduced, the clearer the various plot lines become.

I must admit that I strongly suspected the murderer about two-thirds of the way through, although I was not entirely certain.

What I liked was that I was cheering on some of the bad people in the story as much as I was the good ones. That’s skilful writing.

It helped that I am familiar with many of the locations in Edinburgh and they brought back fond memories of my youth.

This story, and probably the series, have the makings of a good television series. However, there are so many good crime series on TV these days that it faces some tough competition to be selected.

It certainly made me want to read more of Hunter’s cases, which I believe can be read stand-alone rather than in the order in which they are presented. I would recommend Hunter to any fan of crime thrillers, especially those with any links to the capital city of Scotland.

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