Making a difference – with the understanding that all of life is interconnected.

As a strong believer in the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, in in the time dimension as well as the spatial, I really enjoyed this article and the wonderful illustrations.

Merci Janet!

My Life as an Artist (2)

When I change one tiny section of a ten meter mural…everything is changed. The rhythm, balance, composition, everything. The same is true for life.

The other day I watched a documentary about Clive James (Australian critic, broadcaster and writer.) Filmed in 1991, London looked like a different world to the one we are inhabiting now. Much less crowded….no one carrying i phones….generally speaking a seemingly more manageable place.

Since 1991 many things have served to change the rhythm, balance and composition of our beautiful world. So much has changed in such a short period. Far too rapidly for we human beings to assimilate in a balanced fashion.P1100748Today we find ourselves with leaders who clearly have no understanding of interconnectedness, rhythm, harmony and balance overseeing and governing our collective futures. We wake each day alert to what new form of madness, they have imposed upon us!

Meanwhile, our beautiful world…

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