The News… or Not? (Rant ;) )

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A few months ago, I started to do a series that was a little more political. At the time, I put out a proposed agenda of other topics I would take on. Well, it obviously didn’t happen.

My first big topic was supposed to be “media”, ie, “The News”. Wow, the more I dug, the deeper down the rabbit hole I got! And I did not dig far enough for my liking. Sigh. Oh well, I will do just a quick overview, but no footnotes or anything that I had originally planned. And no stories showing how far out a lot of “news” really is! This will be a very small, light, scratching of the surface.

As I talk to people, read things and watch “The News”, I have some interesting observations. OK, none of this is original and many have talked about it before, but seeing it first hand…

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    Thanks for the reblog, Lance!


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