Ocado’s Number One Fan

Who doesn’t love a GOOD NEWS story, especially in these troubled times that we live in? This is the heart-warming story of how a young lad’s day was made by the initiative of the Ocado staff at our Erith Customer Fulfilment Centre.

It was originally published on the Ocado intranet by our Internal Communications Specialist, Harriet Reddish. I am delighted to have received the permission of the family and Ocado to share the story with the rest of the world.

Meet Frankie!

He is 18 months old, and lives with his Grandma near Ocado, Erith. Just before lockdown, Frankie was due to have surgery for a cleft palate, which was unfortunately cancelled. This meant that during lockdown he and his family had to shield so that if the surgery was rescheduled he would be fit and ready to go. 

During this time he developed a fascination with our Ocado vans and he would get so excited every time one went by. After his surgery was completed in July and he was able to leave the house, Frankie and his Grandma would sit on the wall outside and wave to each Ocado van that passed by. Of course our drivers waved back to them! 

Frankie’s Grandma wrote to us to let us know how much he loves our vans. In response, Steve Hammond, Erith General Manager, and Josh, one of our fantastic CSTMs (Customer Service Team Members – delivery drivers) arranged a visit to the brave little boy with some goodies and, of course, one of our vans! Steve presented him with some toys and a cake and Frankie was thrilled to sit in the cab of the van. He enjoyed playing with Josh’s customer phone.

Frankie had a great time!

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