Book Review: Publication Guaranteed (Well, almost!) by Esther Chilton

Publication Guaranteed (well, almost!): A Helping Hand For WritersPublication Guaranteed (well, almost!): A Helping Hand For Writers by Esther Chilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This small book is packed with tips, hints, exercises and examples to help writers to get their work published in many different formats. Even if you already have a strong ideas that your natural channel is, say, short stories, you may well decide to give something else a go by the time you are half way through.

Esther is speaking to us with the voice of experience and, as a writer with many successes, she has proof that she knows what she is writing about.

She covers readers’ letters, fillers, short stories, flash fiction, magazine articles and competition entries. She tells us about the importance of market research and how to do it. She tells us how to target certain markets and is even specific in her suggestions as to a few that we can target.

It gets better! She sends us on a track to coming up with a wide variety of ideas. You will never have total writer’s block after reading this book.

Just when you feel that it can’t get any better than this, it does. She goes on to share some of her competition-winning stories and it is easy to understand why they were winners. They make great reading.

Finally, she wraps up with a treasure trove of useful information and links for aspiring writers.

This is an invaluable little book for any writer who means business. Having read it, you will want to keep it handy for future reference.

Read it now and good luck with your future endeavours.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. It means a lot.

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