Lance’s Coach Tour #5 – re-blogged

To celebrate the 250th birthday of one of the greatest composers of all time and my own, I am re-blogging my Time Travel Coach Tour which visited the maestro in Vienna. I hope that you find it interesting and entertaining.

Write to Inspire

“Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the most anticipated coach tour of this infamous time-traveling series. We have already seen the building of Stonehenge, enjoyed the jazz of 1920s New Orleans, witnessed the schooling of young Alexander the Great by Aristotle, and, best of all, spent some time with my old friend Archie, known to historians as the greatest inventor of all time, Archimedes. But I promise you that today’s tour promises to surpass them all. This is the one that has been most requested by you, my regular customers.”

coachI observe the looks of excited expectation on all your faces. Some of you have probably guessed already. In fact I am sure that some of you know where and when we are about to go.

“This is the one you have all been waiting for. Today, I am proud to announce that that we are about…

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