Motivation – Limericks and Shorties

In this strange new world, I often find it hard to motivate myself in the ways that were second nature to me in the past. Having been made redundant by ASG Technologies in December 2017, I spent two years looking for a job before I became a delivery driver for Ocado. It was an awful period of my life. Then I had two lovely dogs die on me and my amazing father died too.

Even though I should have had more time on my hands, I felt less inclined to run and to write, two activities that I have always enjoyed. Even now, I am only running a couple of times a week and I have lost my mojo when it comes to writing.

Esther Chilton
Esther Chilton

Recently however, I have been motivated by a couple of challenges that I discovered on Esther Chilton’s blog.

On Mondays, she posts a one-word prompt for limericks. Those of her followers who take up the challenge are very creative and entertaining with their efforts.

On Thursdays, Esther posts another one-word prompt. This time, the challenge is to write a five-word story that includes the prompt. Once again, the creativity of respondents is wonderful.

The challenges are not difficult but they are enough to set the cogs of my tiny mind into motion. I love doing them and it is encouraging to receive a bit of feedback from Esther and from the other participants. It is fun.

You should give it a go!

Here’s an example of one of the limericks that I’ve recently submitted. This one is in response to the prompt ‘Shower.’

It’s terribly wet down on the Gower,
Where the forecast is always so dour.
It may appear to be fine
When the sun, it doth shine,
But we’re sure to be in for a shower.

You’ll find a few more to enjoy on my limericks page.

And here are a few examples of five-word stories that I churned out in response to the one-word prompt ‘Eyebrows.’

Caterpillar eyebrows become beautiful butterflies.
Stencil with an eyebrow pencil.
Bond arch-eyebrowed his arch enemy.
Bushy eyebrows imply bushy bush.
Eyebrows: hair of bare? Hair!
Barbie and Ken are eyebrowless.
Fingernails and eyebrows comprise keratin.
Helena Bonham Carter: highbrow eyebrows.
Her eyebrows are Cupid’s arrows.
Saucy, smooth, sensual, suggestive eyebrows.
Dirty Bertie had flirty eyebrows.
I’ve a thing about eyebrows.
Baron Denis Winston Eyebrows Healey.
Racy eyebrows light my fire.

For more entertainment along the same lines, take a look at my five-word stories page.

About Lance Greenfield

Blog: email: I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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12 Responses to Motivation – Limericks and Shorties

  1. trentpmcd says:

    She does have fun challenges.

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    Hi Lance it’s been an awful year, I had loss too and many other problems, but we just need to keep going don’t we. I am so sorry about your dad and the dogs 💜
    I having a hard time writing at the moment so I may just pop in, thank you for the tip.

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  3. Eva Hnizdo says:

    Sounds very interesting. I don;t thinnk I’d manage a limerick, after all English is not my mothertongue and I am a woman of many words. But we usesd to do a 100 words blog with my American writing group and it was fun, and a challenge. Maybe I should start again with a new group. It fizzled out. Interested, Lance?

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    • I think that you could have a go at the limericks. You just need to stick to a formula of syllables in each line and make lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4.
      You can rattle off five-word stories of which you’re already given one. Only four more to find. Have a look at some of mine.
      There is a group that does a flash challenge to write stories that are exactly 99 words; not a word more or less. So I don’t think that a new 100-word group is worthwhile.
      Just have a look at Esther’s blog and, next week, have a go!

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  4. Eva Hnizdo says:

    Thanks, and I’ll check the 99 words, too. How?

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  5. Glad to have helped inspire you and get you writing. A lot of people have struggled, whether it’s through Lockdown, or for other, personal reasons.

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  6. Poems, puns, haiku, pictures, and memories. All great.
    I think that as busy people, with constant distractions and to-do’s, a shift into this land of individual safe zones and islands is tough to adjust to, and maybe too quiet or too noisy (my best wishes to parents shut in with those creatures and their needs that seem to come before yours now).
    I find old family albums are troves of prompts.
    Ex: weird relatives, old haunts that were perhaps haunted, old friends, enemies, boyfriends, girlfriends, first experiences, fears, joys, sorrows, and all there, in photos. You have all those in you, still in you whether you think you forgot.
    Horror, romance, comedy.
    No, I won’t show you mine.
    Not with that hair.

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  7. Kim Smyth says:

    You certainly do have a thing for eyebrows! 🤣 I also enjoy the limericks and 5-word stories. I like the idea of 99 word stories too, I have looked at Carrot Ranch before, maybe I should do it again!

    Liked by 2 people

    • There are three good reasons that sexy eyebrows light my fire. I actually gave them to one of my characters in an erotica short story that appears in my anthology. A great example of a woman whose eyebrows impress me is Helena Bonham Carter.

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