Book Review: The Conjuror by Luanne G Smith

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Conjurer (The Vine Witch #3)The Conjurer by Luanne G. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third, and in my opinion, the best of The Vine Witch trilogy.

Who would have thought that there were so many differing talents amongst witches, fairies and jinnis? There is as much variety in the worlds of magic as there is in the world of mortals. There are also as many conflicts.

The worry is that powers of magic make those conflicts even more dangerous and devastating than wars and battles in the mortal world of man-made armaments.

In this final book of the series, Sidra is being pursued by her brother-in-law, Jamra, who is out for more than revenge for the murder of his brother. He believes that Sidra murdered her husband. He knows that she has, in her possession, an ancient relic that holds a very powerful and destructive magic.

Sidra is supported by her friends, Elena the vine witch and Yvette the fairy. A dog and another being are also lurking on the periphery and you always feel that this pair are also there to ensure that Sidra prevails over Jamra, but there are seeds of doubt which add to the tension.

The writing is superb. The pace picks up as the story races towards its conclusion and the uncertainty about how events will turn out keeps the reader’s attention throughout.

I am left wondering if Luanne Smith is a witch or a fairy or a jinni. She certainly has great knowledge of those magical worlds, which she imparts with great integrity. I hope that she will be on my side if I ever run into a battle with supernatural beings.

I recommend this book and the whole trilogy. It kept me gripped from beginning to end and was thoroughly entertaining.

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