Book Review: The Memory Tin by Sally Trueman Dicken

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The Memory TinThe Memory Tin by Sally Trueman Dicken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lizzy is a depressed widow. She needs some new interest to drag her away from her natural misery. That could be her late husband’s allotment but something even more interesting falls into her path, quite literally.

A muddy, rusty and battered old tin box falls off the back of a lorry as she walks her dog. It is part of a load of debris that is being transported from the demolition site of the old workhouse and wartime military hospital.

A friend of her husband, who has been maintaining the allotment, helps her to solve the mysteries contained within the box. Together, they uncover connections between the current inhabitants of their village and the people who roamed the same streets and buildings a century in the past.

Surprise follows surprise and the whole story unravels into something that you would never suspect in the opening chapters.

The pace is leisurely, but that seems appropriate. There is a lot of emotion involved but nothing too shocking. The writing is elegant and the story is beautiful. This book is well-researched historical fiction with a strong overlay of romance.

I would recommend this to all of my friends, especially those with an interest in World War One military history.

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  1. Great review, Lance. I am looking forward to reading The Memory Tin. I have it downloaded on my Kindle sitting in the TBR pile.

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