Esther’s and Lance’s Laugh-along-a-Limerick

It’s Monday and limerick time.

Esther is still recuperating, so I continue to host her weekly challenge.

Please respond in the Comments with your limerick(s) based on her word of the week, or make up your own to suit your mood in the moment.

I love alliteration, so am very happy that Esther’s one-word prompt for Laugh-along-a-limerick is


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14 Responses to Esther’s and Lance’s Laugh-along-a-Limerick

  1. trentpmcd says:

    I had a great lunch today
    It tasted like sod and hay
    But no matter the spice
    It is always nice
    When you don’t have to pay

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  2. From Ken Fisher

    There was an old man from Chippenham
    Who’s eyebrows had a big dip in them
    They grew to such size
    They covered his eyes
    And so he had to start clipping them


    • And here’s another one from Ken:

      Don’t be the person to fail
      To check your salad for snail
      You might find your lunch
      Has some added crunch
      Heed this precautionary tale


  3. Here’s my effort for this week.

    There was an old Scot lived in Norwich.
    In the woods he’d often go forage.
    When it came to his lunch,
    With green herbs in a bunch,
    He just loved a great dollop of porridge.


  4. peter freeman says:

    Frankie Foster went to Gloucester – On a Charabac – Acting on a hunch – He turned around – And was home in time for Lunch .

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  5. Peter Freeman says:


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  6. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    BREAKFAST as king but lunch as a beggar,
    Drink fruits and vegetables smoothies sans sugar!
    Drinking smoothies in boiled hot water tickles,
    Avoid eating vegetables as sauce and fruits as pickles!
    Healthy to drink smoothies as water avoiding cooker!

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