Esther’s Challenge – Can You Tell A Story In . . .

Here we are on Day 6 of the splendiferous Swanwick Writers’ Summer School (Thursday) and time for your latest five-word story challenge from Esther Chilton

Esther presented an excellent one hour workshop at the school yesterday, entitled ‘Location! Location! Location!’ At the end of her workshop she issued a series of challenges to those lucky delegates who were able to attend.

Here’s her challenge for you.

This week, her single word prompt is STICKY. So can you tell a story in five words, using the word STICKY in it somewhere?

Please post your submissions in the Comments on this post.

Esther Chilton

This is an open invitation to all of my followers and Esther’s to have some fun with words.
The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.

Here’s your starter:

Everybody likes sticky toffee pudding.

Esther and I await your submissions. Make us laugh and and entertain all of our followers with your witty flashes.

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9 Responses to Esther’s Challenge – Can You Tell A Story In . . .

  1. KJM says:

    Breakfast? Have a sticky bun!

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    Naughty boy with sticky fingers. (He pinched KJM’s sticky bun…) (“pinch” isn’t used in the US for “steal”, but I pinched the word for use here – I have sticky fingers too 😉 )

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  3. peter freeman says:

    Nurses have very sticky fingers .

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  4. He came to a sticky…..
    My sticky toffee pudding disaster!
    You’re very sticky today mate?
    Sticky rice, yummy food, thai
    Eat your sticky honey Pooh!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Good ones.
    Any mention of Pooh in a story gets my vote, for I am Tigger.


  6. This is a sticky situation.

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  7. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    ….STICKY information online draws attention!

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