Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

Happy Monday to you all and welcome, once again, to Esther Chilton’s regular Limerick challenge.

Esther and I have just returned from a great week at the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School.

Esther delivered an excellent workshop entitled ‘Location! Location! Location!’ which went down very well with a roomful of delegates who threw themselves into the exercises. Our esteemed tutor majored on placing the reader in a location by showing rather than telling and on using the five, or six, senses to do so. The participants produced some very good work in the short time that they were given. They presented their efforts to their classmates and received rapturous applause.

Today, Esther’s one-word prompt is SWEET. So can you write a limerick using the word SWEET in it somewhere?

If you feel like writing a limerick about something else that is currently on your mind, have a go! Just let it flow. Delight us all with your creativity.

Post your submissions in the Comments on this post.

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7 Responses to Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

  1. Oh dear! I have a sweet tooth…
    I eat sweets sour and smooth
    A few every day
    A dozen I’d say
    Now my teeth are terribly looth!

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  2. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    SWEET effect of sucrose of sugarcane in East taste,
    Sugar beet’s sucrose sugar consumed in West!
    Because sugarcane grown in East,
    But, sugar beet grown in West!
    Fructose of fruits provide heathy sweet taste!

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  3. there once was a lad oh so sweet
    who wouldn’t take much time to eat
    he hated most foods
    but chocolate was good
    in heaven is next time we meet

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