Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

Happy New Week to you all and welcome, once again, to Esther Chilton’s regular Monday challenge.

Today, Esther’s one-word prompt is WIG. So can you write a limerick using the word WIG in it somewhere?

A WIG can provide a comedic or tragic moment: the perfect or rotten disguise. But, if you want to duck under the weekly prompt, please feel free to ignore it and write a limerick to suit your current mood and feelings. Just let it flow. Delight us all with your creativity.

Post your submissions in the Comments on this post.


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10 Responses to Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

  1. I think I will buy a new wig
    This old one is shaped like a fig!
    It’s fuzzy and green
    And has a funny sheen!
    A new one looks better when I jig!

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  2. trentpmcd says:

    I bought an awful wig one day
    From “Bob’s Discount Toupee”
    It was violent green
    With a moldy sheen
    And hair the texture of hay

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  3. Said Eric to Ernie, “You’re no mug,
    But it’s plain to see that you’re wearing a rug.
    Syrup and fig,
    Cheap, nasty wig.
    It slips off to one side with a tug.”

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  4. SexagenarianScribbler says:

    Deliberating one day
    A baldy was heard to say
    Would anyone twig
    If I wore a wig
    So, toupee or not toupee?

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  5. There once was a man in a wig
    Who decided he’d dance a new jig
    He tripped and then fell
    He said what the heck
    He had tripped in a very big pig

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