Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

Happy Monday to you all and welcome, once again, to Esther Chilton’s regular kick-off-the-week challenge.

Today, Esther’s one-word prompt is SUN. So can you write a limerick using the word SUN in it somewhere?

We are hoping that your verses will some bright light into our lives as we start this sparkling, brand new week. Make us laugh!

But, if you want to side-step the weekly prompt, please feel free to ignore it and write a limerick to suit your current mood and feelings. Just let it flow. Delight us all with your creativity.

Post your submissions in the Comments on this post


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10 Responses to Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

  1. I sat outside to watch the sun
    Slide behind the moon.. What fun
    An eclipse stole the light
    But then it became bright
    the Sun from the gloom soon spun

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  2. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    GREGORIAN calendar follows earth around sun,
    Hijri calendar follows moon around earth spun!
    About eleven days shorter Hijri year,
    Started about fourteen centuries ago, mere!
    Whatever, sunning bare body is fun!

    ग्रेगोरियन कैलेंडर सूर्य के चारों ओर पृथ्वी का अनुसरण करता है,
    हिजरी कैलेंडर पृथ्वी के चारों ओर चंद्रमा का अनुसरण करता है!
    लगभग ग्यारह दिन छोटा हिजरी वर्ष, मित्र,
    लगभग चौदह सदियों पहले शुरू हुआ, मात्र!
    जो भी हो, नंगे बदन धूप सेंकने का मजा ही कुछ और है!

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  3. I longed for the SUN to just shine
    Then it did and it made me go blind
    Then I could not see—
    I ran into a tree
    Now my head is all bandaged in twine

    ok-very lame-I need more coffee

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  4. Late Autumn is not good for Clark
    He’s not very keen on the dark
    His pet peeve, he thinks
    Is when the clocks jinx –
    and the sun sheds all of its spark!

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