Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

Happy Monday to you all and welcome, once again, to Esther Chilton’s regular kick-off-the-week challenge.

Today, Esther’s one-word prompt is BLUE. So can you write a limerick using the word BLUE in it somewhere?

Some of us may be affected by the Monday morning blues, but blue can also be such a happy colour. So, see if you can write a limerick to lift the blues and make us chuckle. Make us laugh!

But, if you want to side-step the weekly prompt, please feel free to ignore it and write a limerick to suit your current mood and feelings. Just let it flow. Delight us all with your creativity.

Post your submissions in the Comments on this post


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14 Responses to Esther’s Challenge – Laugh-along-a-Limerick

  1. I have a big cat that is blue
    Purple and green colours too
    I call him rainbow
    And at night he’s aglow
    With a bright red and orange hue!

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  2. There once was a big dog named blue
    Who couldn’t say “how do you do”
    He hired a coach
    Who taught him to poach
    So now in the hoosegow he’s blue

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  3. My best trip with Dad, Bony Tony,
    Was to Derbyshire caves; very stoney.
    Down Blue John Caverns,
    Then on to a tavern,
    Two beers and then home: Shanks’s pony.

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  4. The cheerleader was feeling blue,
    What was wrong she hadn’t a clue,
    No one was best pleased,
    As she fiercely sneezed,
    Then crawled back to bed with the flu!

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  6. Linkingpeople2003 says:

    WATERS of blue seas and oceans undrinkable,
    Evaporated by solar energy massively unthinkable,
    Transported as clouds to rain or to sit on high mountains,
    As snow to melt by solar energy, which contains,
    God’s distilled water forming rivers, drinkable!

    नीले समुद्रों और महासागरों का पानी पीने योग्य नहीं है,
    बड़े पैमाने पर अकल्पनीय सौर ऊर्जा द्वारा वाष्पित होता है।
    बादलों के रूप में बरसने या ऊंचे पहाड़ों पर बैठने के लिए ले जाया जाता है,
    बर्फ के रूप में सौर ऊर्जा से पिघलती है, जिसमें शामिल है,
    परमेश्वर का आसुत जल से बनने वाली नदियाँ, पीने योग्य होती है।

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  7. SexagenarianScribbler says:

    Whenever I’m feeling blue
    There’s one thing i have to do
    I just start to sing
    And give it some swing
    That’s my cure, how about you?

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