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The Bond

So right and yet so wrong is that incredible bond.  It is so very strong. Do you feel it?  As we hug,  crown connected to crown,  heart to heart,  core to core,  root to root.  Do you feel it? Our … Continue reading

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Roots to Cosmos

In the centre of the coppice on top of the hill, I sit, alone, on the damp grass. As the light of dawn had filled the sky, making the stars disappear, the rain had died to a soft, silken drizzle. … Continue reading

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All About Hinduism ~ exploring the world’s oldest religion

Re-blogging Anuradha Gupta’s “About” page. View the original post here. Lance’s Introduction I just realized that perhaps I am a Hindu! For along time, I have believed that there is a universal energy connecting everything through time and space. In … Continue reading

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