Death is not The End (anon.)

I don’t know who wrote the original of this, but it has helped a lot of people when they are recently bereaved; including me.

Death is not The End

Death is not the end
of a mother, father, grandfather or friend.
It is but a brief parting of the ways;
a walking ahead to brighter days.
For out of the chrysalis the butterfly flies
and spreads its wings to the summer skies.
Don’t worry, my friend. Don’t sit and weep.
It’s only the body that’s gone to sleep.
The spirit is soaring high above,
looking down on us all with an infinite love.
So, don’t be sad, it’s not the end.
It’s only that we can’t comprehend
the whys and wherefores of our life
amid our troubles, grief and strife.
For the end is the beginning, and
the beginning is the end,
and all life’s a journey
and a circle with no end.
Look at the leaves in the autumn.
It’s sad when they fall;
the winter’s trees so bare and bleak,
it’s hard then to recall
that once there was a summer,
and again will come the spring.
And so it is with the seasons of life:
a beginning with no end.

7 Responses to Death is not The End (anon.)

  1. Erika Kind says:

    That is a wonderful poem about eternal life. We are not spirit or physical body. We are immortal spirit and at times within a physical body. We are energy and always remain within the energy. We only change form. Thank you for sharing, Lance.

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