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Eyemouth Disaster

Despite the warnings, despite the storm, they rolled out to sea from Eyemouth on that fateful day of October 1881. For weeks, they had been unable to sail because of prevailing weather. They were not greedy. It was their livelihood. … Continue reading

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Fishing for Jobs

My job search reminds me of days when I went fishing on the banks of the River Tay at the North Inch in Perth. I used to go out before dawn and spend all day casting my flies out onto … Continue reading

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Fishing with Jesus

The sunlight sparkled on the surface of the gently rippling Sea of Galilee dazzling Jesus as he stepped out into the fresh morning air from the darkness of his small, stone beach hut. “What-ho, Simon Peter!” he called to his … Continue reading

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Kisu ya Samaki

“Ejoka!” The two Turkanan fisherman were visibly startled by my greeting. No British soldier had ever said “Hello” to them in their own language. As far as they knew, no British soldier had ever spoken to any Turkanan tribesman in … Continue reading

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