Adam to God

Dear God,

I am so bored!

In the last three days, since you dropped me into this huge garden, I have walked the entire perimeter several times, and I have explored every part within the boundaries.

The biggest question in my mind is, “Why have you painted everything green?” Surely, it is within your great power to find another colour? Admittedly, you have used a wide variety of hues and shades, but that does nothing to alleviate the tedium.

The only exception that I can find to your colour-everything-in-the-garden-green rule, is the red apple, whose beauty is almost irresistible. However, you have made it very clear to me that any attempt to touch, never mind eat, the apple will result in the most punitive punishment that I could imagine. How could you be so cruel as to ban me from touching the most attractive item in the garden? Is this wickedness a sign of how you will run this world henceforth?

Anyway, it is unlikely that I will go anywhere near that apple, as I have noticed a most fearsome snake lurking on a branch close to the fruit. I do not like the look of that snake. It says nothing to me, but its almost hypnotic stare would be enough to put anyone off.

Something else that I have noticed is that there is not another human in the garden. Am I to be the sole soul in the Garden of Eden, or will you provide me with a companion? Did you give any consideration, during the design phase of your great project, as to how the human race would continue beyond three score years and ten, should I, Adam, be the only inhabitant of your wonderful, greener-than-green garden?

Please do me a grand favour and address these two issues with some urgency. Just add a bit of colour and grant me some company.

I have the honour to remain, Lord, your first humble servant,



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