Five Word Stories

Every Thursday, Esther Chilton features a “Can You Tell A Story In . . .” five words challenge. The stories have to feature a given word.

Each section is headed with that prompt and I’ve added a few at the end that just popped into my head as I walked along or lay in bed.

Esther Chilton


Murder weapon was fruit knife.
Suffer the fruit of lies.
She’s beautiful yet tainted fruit.
Killer bees attack fruit farmer.
Sharing fruit gives great pleasure.
Eating juicy fruit in bath.
Let’s crush this ripened peach.
Is passion fruit an aphrodisiac?
Eating forbidden fruit is sinful.
Fruit has thousands of uses.
Low-hanging fruit is harvested first.
Hard work yields lush fruits.
Fruit machines are one-armed bandits.
Double cream partners fruit salad.


Thong? Thing thumb thing thimble.
Viking meeting. There’s a thing!
Thingamajigs bounce around in Thingamyland.
All things to all men.
Julie Andrews sang Favourite Things.
Always wash your thingy thoroughly.
We’re onto a good thing.
Eating custard isn’t my thing.
Chuck Berry’s thing? His Ding-a-ling.
Cleopatra does her own thing.
Crazy little thing called love.
That was a close thing!
Anything worn under my kilt?
Nothing mostly happens quite frequently.
Heavy breathing on telephone line.
Something emerges from the briny.


Love letters should be treasured
Childhood letters in granny’s trunk
Ancient letters found in cave
Charming postman delivers delightful letters
Embroidered letters on fine lace
Jumbled letters could be clue
Readers’ Letters pages sometimes pay
Letters after my name? Maybe…


Chocolate Promises: my latest brand.
Betrothal is a binding promise.
Promise to tell the truth
Promise on your child’s life!
Weatherman promises weathergirl Claudia later.


This week’s word is secret.
Dover cliffs rise: cretaceous rocks.
The monstrous secret of Loch Ness.
Stonehenge stones harbour ancient secrets.
Priest hole: Roman Catholic secret.
Gran’s diaries revealed family secrets.
The Home Secretary played away.
Her secret lover prefers secrecy.
Natural secrets of personal grooming.
Your secret’s safe with me.
Magic Circle won’t disclose secrets.
Discrete secretaries keep your secrets.
Everyone heard the secretary’s screams.
Thirty year rule: Cabinet secrets.
The secret of immortality is . . .
Escape down the secret tunnel.
Social media holds no secrets.
James Bond: charismatic secret agent.


Caterpillar eyebrows become beautiful butterflies.
Stencil with an eyebrow pencil.
Bond arch-eyebrowed his arch enemy.
Bushy eyebrows imply bushy bush.
Eyebrows: hair of bare? Hair!
Barbie and Ken are eyebrowless.
Fingernails and eyebrows comprise keratin.
Helena Bonham Carter: highbrow eyebrows.
Her eyebrows are Cupid’s arrows.
Saucy, smooth, sensual, suggestive eyebrows.
Dirty Bertie had flirty eyebrows.
I’ve a thing about eyebrows.
Baron Denis Winston Eyebrows Healey.
Racy eyebrows light my fire.


Pills without boxes: no guns.
Horse pills: hard to swallow.
Ducks swam across the pill.
Take some chill pills, man!


Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Tin bath warms by fireside.
Skinny dippers bathe in waves
Archimedes leaps from bath. Eureka!
Bath: narrow streets, steep hills.
Bath: grocery delivery driver’s nightmare.
Bath together: economical and fun.
Sauna – ice bath – aromatherapy massage.
Writers think in their baths.
Muddy runner needs a bath.
Romans bathe in Bath baths.
Cleopatra likes a roomy bathroom.
Always undress before your bath.
Soapy suds or bath oil?
Flushed baby with bathwater.
Took a bath without me?
Icy bath hardens my nipples.
Smell bad? Bath. Smell good!
No plastic duck? No bath!
Green lizards like sand baths.
Hot sex in warm bath.
Eating juicy fruit in bath.
Hot bath is perfect cure.


Tonight brings my first BEDGASM!
Overnight success takes a lifetime.
Days without sunshine are nights.
Nightshirt worn outside birthday suit. 
Join me for a nightcap? 
Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.
Vincent painted The Starry Night.
Twenty-twenty was a global nightmare.
Lancelot was Arthur’s favourite knight.
Brightest dawns follow darkest nights.
Black knights in white satin.
Silky nightdress arouses amorous desires.
Night of the long knives.
‘Allo ‘allo. Nighthawk calling London.
Hello! Are you Deadly Nightshade?
Write to Inspire: Night Writer
Just one secretive night together?
Nightstick: an American officer’s truncheon.
Night-sight lights up sniper’s target.
Cricket team needs a nightwatchman.
Luminous night frogs taste horrible!
Bump in the night. Scary!
Pyjama party includes midnight feast.
Summer nights, driftin’ away. Oh-oh!
Gladys Knight had the pip.


Horticultural mistakes make unusual bloomers.
Typing errors or spelling mistakes?
Monkey mistakes could be howlers.
Covered up mistakes go astray.
Growing up was a mistake.
Yogi’s mistakes were his boo-boos.
Typesetting mistakes are very upsetting.
Topless mistakes could reveal boobs.
Don’t mistake pills for sweets!
Making mistakes can’t be right.


Three, two, one: Dusty Bin.
Dust is a dark material.
Dust blows away in time.
We are all space dust.
Better dust than corrosive rust.
Chase me! Eat my dust!
Share my aphrodisiac love dust?
It’s a long, dusty road.
Hard to find: gold dust.
Feather duster: tickled I am!
Ken Dodd: hair, teeth, duster.
Move! Or dust will settle.


Wooden balls make coconuts shy.
Skivers are idle, work-shy, good-for-nothing.
Tha shall hey a fishy…
Quenching thirst with masala chai.
Shush!. He’s hiding. He’s shy.
Tuna makes the best sushi.
My shy aunty drinks chianti.
Sa-shi-mi is thinly sliced su-shi.
Too shy to be introvert.


British fishing monitor is French!
Any loaves with our fish?
Finger rolls for fish fingers.
Fish swallows fly is hooked.


Tigers love humans. They’re delicious!
Chick peas make good humans.
Humans are alien-controlled puppets.
Dog throws ball for human.