Flutter Away

A tribute to a little bird, who became weaker, and smaller, until eventually, she fluttered away to grace the universe with her beauty.

I found you at the bottom of my garden.
You were very weak.
You tiny little bird.
Did you fall from your nest?

I took you indoors,
And put you in a shoebox.
You would not eat the worms that I caught,
But you took a few drops of milk.

You grew stronger.
Day by day,
You grew stronger.
But your wings were broken.

I hoped that you’d survive,
But I knew that you would die.
Your eyes sparkled at me,
But I knew that you would die.

Your spirit grew stronger,
But your body became weaker.
Even the milk dribbled onto your feathers.
I knew that you would die.

I watched as your spirit rose
From your failing body.
You fluttered away, joyfully free,
Into the sky.

So now, at last,
Your wings are strong.
You can fly through space and time:
Flutter away across the universe.


One Response to Flutter Away

  1. Marianne says:

    This made me want to cry. It is so beautifully written, that I sensed the emotion in it. Keep writing, Lance.

    Liked by 1 person

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