OUT with the OLD – and IN with the NEW!

These were my New Year Resolutions for 2015 . . .

2015 Resolutions

And this is how I did . . .

  1. I have written most of my second novel, entitled “Knitting Can Walk”, and I have the plan for the rest of it. I had better hurry up. The Kindle version is available for pre-order on Amazon with a publishing date of 28th January 2016. I don’t want to let my readers down!
  2. I almost made it. I got my Personal Best down to exactly 24 minutes. With Olympic class timing, I swear it was 23:97, which means that I achieved my goal!
  3. Failed by a long way! I have posted only 19 reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. It is just that I have had so much to deal with this year: it’s a long story. And I have been concentrating more on writing and editing than on reading. To balance out, I have taken the trouble to re-publish some of my top reviews from previous years onto my blog, and these have proved to be very popular with my followers.
  4. Over-achieved by a long way! I revised this goal after only a couple of weeks as I had already almost met it by the end of January. I re-set the target to be 250, which I achieved last week. My total now stands at 254. I think that my time-traveling coach tours attract a lot of new followers. Maybe they hop on the bus in previous centuries and return to our time unnoticed.
  5. Just about did it, but not quite. Maybe I was a bit too strict on myself here. I have relaxed the weight range slightly for this year. I managed to keep myself between 80  and 84 kg, so I aim to repeat that in 2016. I am pleased that my BMI has maintained at around 22 for the whole year. I feel quite fit at the age of sixty.

So here we go.
Moving into 2016, my NEW New Year Resolutions look like this . . .


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my followers a very happy and very HEALTHY New Year!

Now tell us what your New Year Resolutions are for 2016.


About Lance Greenfield

Blog: lancegreenfield.wordpress.com email: lancegmitchell@outlook.com I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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7 Responses to OUT with the OLD – and IN with the NEW!

  1. ane says:

    La multi ani!

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  2. Great goals. Happy New Year!

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  3. Excellent goals! And a very Happy New Year to you!

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  4. Confession time!
    It’s only the first day of the year and I have already cheated a teeny weeny bit on resolution number four by adding a footnote proviso.
    On New Year’s Day, I always run two parkruns, Andover and Newbury. So that I could run well in the second, I took it easy in the first and ran 14 seconds over my target time. So I finished in 27:44.
    Dear followers, I humbly beg your forgiveness and indulgence for my little transgression.
    I promise to be a good boy for the rest of the year.


  5. I have failed!

    I ran today’s Andover parkrun in 28:00, well outside my resolution of 27:30. The conditions were very boggy, but that is a pathetic excuse.

    I’ll just have to change that last resolution into “Must do better at parkrun.”


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