Inter-Faith Marriages #MondayBlogs 

My view is that if you change just two letters of what Ritu’s gut tells her, you finish with “Love and let love.”

Whichever faith you follow, or even if you follow none at all, surely this is the best path to follow?

One world, one people: care about them all

But I Smile Anyway...

On Saturday morning I received a message from a friend.

She had forwarded a screenshot to a few of us friends, of an Instagram post from a Sikh Youth group here, supposedly educating against the use of alcohol or drugs, and ‘grooming’.

This shot showed, in clear view, a photo of a wedding card, for a couple due to get married today in my local Gurdwara.

The bride is Sikh, the groom, of African/Gujrati descent.

The message accompanying the photo was to basically phone up the temple and cause a ruckus about a marriage being held there between a Sikh and a non-Sikh.

Let me clarify here, she had sent the photo as a discussion item in a group chat a few of us partake in. She was not in agreement with the message, just horrified that someone out there was instigating people to go and ruin another person’s special…

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No, I do not want to live in Middle Ages

A very strong article to which I am completely aligned. You wrote my thoughts better than I ever could, Lucie. You seem to have a talent for that!

Lucie Muses


In my eyes, the world we live in is paradoxically a strangely medieval world. Drawbridges being drawn up, not letting enemies in, religion yet again ruling people’s violent actions. Name of a God, Allah, being called by foolish teenagers dying in vain. Politicians talking about their Christian beliefs. “I am a Christian,a Conservative and a Republican, in that order. I am a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican, in that order…”( Mike Pence Vice President of  USA)

People talking about threats to our civilisation. Comparing it to Rome and the Barbarians at the gates. Well, those Barbarians brought something, their heritage is part of our European history, too.

I find it scary. I am thinking about the 1930s, the time when my Czech ancestors found out in one month in 1939 that they are not really Czech, they are Jewish. And that being Jewish is something inferior…

I believe in…

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#WhenDreamsComeTrue Sarah Hardy Publicist at Bloodhound Books @sarahhardy681 @Bloodhoundbook


Today I have another in my occasional series When Dreams Come True where people within the book world talk about their ambitions and their journey to success. Today it’s the turn of the lovely Sarah Hardy. I’ve know Sarah online for sometime and I first met her in person at the very first TBC Leeds meet up in February 2015. Since then we’ve become good friends (and Harrogate roomies!) and I’ve watched her go from strength to strength firstly with her blogBy The Letter Book Reviewsand now as a publicist forBloodhound Books

Guest post by Sarah Hardy…

Books have always been a big part of my life. I’ve no idea when I started reading but it’s just something I always remembered doing from being a very young age. Due to my dad’s job we moved around a few times, so ended up going to numerous schools. I…

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Wow! WaW – What a Week!

This woman, Eloise De Sousa, is a hugely inspirational and wonderful person. I am using that word, inspirational, in its literal sense. You can read her account of her awesome week and find out for yourself that she has inspired the entire staff and student population of her school. They are all brilliant for participating so well, but this author of children’s books and crime fiction has used her creativity and imagination to put together an complete enrichment package which has clearly benefited all.

This world really does need more people like Eloise.


Thoughts by Mello-Elo

A while back I used to write a post called Saturday Confessions; it was a way of opening up and sharing things I had never shared with anyone else; kind of releasing the inner me onto you, the unsuspecting public!
Well today I have woken up with that same feeling, due to the fact that I’ve achieved another awesome week at work, which I shall go into more detail about in a tick. The other part is due to the incredible amount of work my fellow staff put in to make our school a cut above the rest.

Yesterday, I spent my break time duty walking around a playing field full of happy children, laughing together, singing in groups, challenging teachers on duty to races and encouraging them to play games, which the staff happily obliged in doing. The setting was almost too perfect to my cynical eye for the…

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Spotlight: M J Mallon Author

The Writer Next Door

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

~Maya Angelou

Kyrosmagica-Marjorie Mallon-Facebook_club-The Writer Next Door-Vashti Q-spotlight

Hello everyone! A warm welcome to The Writer Next Door! I’m excited to spotlight today the lovely and talented, Marjorie Mallon.

kyrosmagica-marjorie mallon-the writer next door-vashti q-writer-blogger

Marje is a writer, poet, photographer, blogger, wife, mother––let’s just say she wears many hats. She keeps busy on her blog, M J Mallon Author, doing  Author Interviews, Spotlights, and Book Reviews . She is a very supportive member of the writing/blogging communities. In fact, she founded an organization on Facebook called, Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club to do just that.

What is the Authors/BloggersRainbowSupportClub?

It’s a friendly community of authors/bloggers/book reviewers working together to support each other in a multitude of ways – e.g. by writing or sharing reviews, highlighting author spotlights/book launches/interviews, and posting writing/poetry/blogging tips, or

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The Annual Bloggers Bash 2017: The Highlights!

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Suzie Speaks:
Last weekend I attended the third Annual Bloggers Bash in London. The Bash means an awful lot to me – I have been to every single one and have previously been the lucky recipient of…

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Change inspired by ABBA 2017

There was so much food for thought at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards event in London last Saturday, that I came away positively bursting at the seams. My brain became obese.

Of course there was real food too. Ritu and others provided some very tasty cakes which I could not resist. I promise you that I DID try.

Between the presentations and celebrations of the awards, there were very interesting talks by Suzie and Elena on how to monetize our blogs and make good use of Pinterest. With around four decades of training experience, military and technical, Suzie made me realise that there are real opportunities to use that experience to earn myself some cash. And having only used Pinterest to search for nice images, my eyes were suddenly sprung wide open by Elena’s descriptions of the possibilities. Quite amazing!

Then there was a panel discussion and much interaction with the audience. The first question came from committee member Ali Isaacs. Should we write our blog posts from the heart or from the head? My conclusion, prompted by a remark from respected panelist, Christoph Fischer, is that one should keep within the framework of ones blogging objectives and preferred topics, but write with passion. So define with the head then write the content from the heart.

Something which occurred to me as people introduced themselves and their blogs, is that it is rather boring to use your name as the title of your blog. Every time my namesake, L Mitchell, asked a question, she started with, “Lucy Mitchell, BlondeWriteMore.” To the amusement of many, when I asked my first question, I introduced myself with exactly the same words!

The name of my blog was my nom-de-plume, Lance Greenfield. This made a lot of sense to me, as the original objective of my blog was to promote my first novel, Eleven Miles. The longer term objectives were to promote my subsequent novels and to reach a wider audience for my other writing.

I started to think that I need a more interesting title to attract attention. Since both my novels fall into the genre of inspirational fiction, it seemed natural, eventually, that a suitable title could be Write to Inspire. I ran this past my best blogging and writing buddy, Eloise, and she enthusiastically endorsed my decision with the words, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” At that point, I almost changed my title to Chicken Dinner, but stuck with the choice that we seemed to agree upon.

I’ve kept the original title and subtitle as the new subtitle.

Hence the reason for the change in my blog title. Do you like it?

My new header photo is clipped from a sunset shot that I recently made from the beach in Naples, Florida.

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