Orlando Mass Shooting – How many more before Americans wise up?

The civilized world cringes as many stupid Americans continue to live in denial and battle against their more sensible compatriots who have the brains to realize that tightening of gun laws would massively reduce the risk of such events.

The perpetrator, Omar Mateen, was an American citizen who was born in New York.

He was able to buy his weapons and ammunition over the counter.

This has NOTHING to do with immigration you numpties!
It has EVERYTHING to do with the freedom to possess arms and ammunition.

It is time to amend the Second Amendment and “to make America great again.” You don’t do that by putting blocks on immigration because that is NOT the real problem. You do it by tightening the gun laws to bring the United States of America out of the ancient “Wild West” days and into the modern civilized world.

Wake up America!

If I were a grieving Orlando parent today, I would file a prosecution against the shopkeeper who sold the guns and ammunition, the head of the NRA and the Governor of Florida for second degree murder or as accessories to the mass murder. They are responsible for providing Omar Mateen with the murder weapons.

While the whole world grieves with USA for this awful atrocity and the impact that it has had on the families of the victims and the majority of the nation, we also ridicule the idiots who oppose changes to the gun laws as they are responsible for these shootings and all those which will inevitably follow if you don’t act NOW!

Hundreds more American kids will die if you don’t act NOW!

Jim Jeffries

Jim Jeffries – Australian comedian

Watch these two videos and tell me there isn’t a whole lot of truth behind the comedy.

Jim Jefferies — Gun Control (Part 1)

Jim Jeffries — Gun Control (Part 2)

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3 Responses to Orlando Mass Shooting – How many more before Americans wise up?

  1. As an American I agree with you 100% but unless we cut the ties the Congress has with the NRA who have most of the Congress and Senators in their pockets we will not get very far and these atrocities will continue.


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  3. cruiseplannersctwv says:

    Well said!


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