Book Review: Arise by Kristen Wolf

ARISEARISE by Kristen Wolf
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read The Way: A Girl Who Dared to Rise, I was very keen to read another book by the same author, Kristen Wolf.

I was not at all disappointed.

The concept that forms the basis for this story is very clever although I am not sure that it is entirely original. As anything? I can’t really reveal anything more about that idea without giving too much away, but the book is worth reading just to find out what I mean.

She also employs an unusual style of writing: incomplete sentences and unexpected capitalisation. This is obviously intentional and soon became familiar as I began to understand that it is appropriate for this story.

Domy is the experienced Groundskeeper on the Estate which is ruled by Her Sovereign who is feared by all. He is the boss of all the Workers and is served by the Housekeeper and Flora, the laundress.

Domy knows every detail of the Estate, down to the position of every plant and the expected behaviours of the wildlife. He becomes alarmed when he notices unusual changes around the Estate and fears humiliation in front of the Workers and, worse, a summons from Her Sovereign.

Those unusual changes get worse and spell disaster.

With memories of his mother and things that she said to him towards the end of her life, he seeks solutions. Domy engages the support of Flora in his quest. The tension builds towards a rather tense and scary climax.

This is a great read and I thoroughly recommend it. I came very close to awarding five stars and probably would have done had the memory of the brilliant The Way: A Girl Who Dared to Rise not been lingering in my mind.

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