TV Series Review: Death in Paradise

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It is hard to believe, but we, in UK, are already two episodes in to Season 10 of this wonderful series!

It is such easy viewing. There is nothing challenging in the story lines, so it is good to sit and relax to. It doesn’t get as dark as many modern crime thrillers that appear on our screens these days.

The lead character (four Detective Inspector actors so far) is always slightly flawed, which adds comedy value. They all do their best to blend in with the local culture, but they fall gloriously short. The latest DI struggles to stray from his habitual diet of fried chicken and chips and he seems to be allergic to everything.

Ralph Little as DI Neville Parker (Photo credit: Hello! Magazine)

Officer JP Hooper, recently promoted to Sergeant, is always over-trying to please everybody and he often succeeds, which surprises himself more than anybody else. He is such a likeable character.

The DS (three actors so far) is always the most sensible member of the team and is also very sexy.

Always on the periphery of any enquiry is Commissioner Selwyn Patterson. He usually appears to be a bit grumpy but adds wry humour and a smattering of wisdom to the end scenes.

I miss the Commissioner’s scatter-brained niece, Officer Ruby Patterson, in this series. She is hilarious.

As I said, this is great, comfort viewing. The bonus is that you can feel the Caribbean warmth of both the climate and the culture. The series is also a very welcome release from the depressing news streams which saturate our TV channels in 2021.

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