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Redundancy: New Opportunities?

When I joined ASG Technologies, almost ten years ago, I believed that I would be seeing out the rest of my working life at this great, innovative software company. Until very recently, that belief prevailed. Over the last three years … Continue reading

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Watching – advanced notification

At the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School this year, Liz Hurst presented a short course entitled Writing Intimate Scenes. In Part Two of the course, she challenged participants with a ten-minute exercise to write a short piece about a woman who … Continue reading

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Links Between Walking and Writing

Original article written by Kathryn Aalto for Swanwick Standard, August 2017 edition What is it about walking and running that makes it so satisfying to thinking and writing? Since at least Greek philosophers, writers have discovered a deep connection between … Continue reading

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Cara Bristol’s 8-Year Authorversary

Some great advice from an author who has been through the mill Read the original article here For my 8-year authorversary: 12 Truths About Publishing by Cara Bristol Eight years ago this month, I received my first book contract! Intimate … Continue reading

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A day in the life of Agent X

Originally posted on jessicanorrie:
Agent X stretched after a poor night’s sleep. She really ought to get more exercise…spend less time staring at screens…eat more sensibly. But a new day beckoned. She had a fascinating submission to read – she’d…

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Change inspired by ABBA 2017

There was so much food for thought at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards event in London last Saturday, that I came away positively bursting at the seams. My brain became obese. Of course there was real food too. Ritu and … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Small is Beautiful?

Originally posted on SC Skillman Author:
In 1993, E.F. Schmacher published a book entitled Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered. It was well received, and promised a potential revolution in ideas for capitalism and for…

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