My First Yoga Session

This evening, I attended my first ever yoga session, led by Stacey, at the Augusta Park Community Centre in Andover. From the start, she made it clear that we should concentrate more on our breathing than on the poses, and that we should not over-extend ourselves. Easier said than done!

I followed her guidance for perhaps two-thirds of the session, but it became more difficult and the classmoved on. I also felt strangely unbalanced at times, as if I was inventing a new class of wonky yoga. I sweated a lot. Probably much more than anybody else in the room. Quietly, I giggled, internally, at my efforts to keep up. My contortions were doubled as I attempted to twist my poses to see what Stacey was doing and, by implication, what I was SUPPOSED to be doing.

Anyway, I enjoyed the session immensley and look forward to many more. I have MUCH room for improvement, which I view as a positive. I can challenge myself to get better with every session, and I am sure that I shall do so.

Stacey is a good leader and what she tells us maes a lot of sense.

The people who were practicing close to me, Amy and Debbie, were very encouraging.

I’ll be returning next Thursday, and for many more Thursdays and, maybe Mondays, to come.


Starting new classes in Andover this week means there are quite a few yogis-to-be who will be attending their very first ever Yoga class. Although this can be exciting, it’s natural to be a bit nervous when trying something new. With that in mind, I wanted to share some thoughts about starting your yoga journey.Everyone starts somewhere!…

via First Class Nerves…

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